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What’s the Best Way to Reach Your Customers?

Tailoring your marketing strategy requires a good deal of effort. As you’re thinking about the best way to reach your customers, be willing to go outside your comfort zone a bit and try new things. As you experiment with a variety of approaches, pay attention to which ones seem to resonate the most with your customers.

Through Social Media

One of the best ways to engage with your audience and build a more recognizable brand is to utilize your social media. But remember, utilizing your social media doesn’t mean simply having one. It’s easy to have an account with few followers and consequently few real marketing benefits.

Instead, figure out the specific audience you’re trying to reach with your social media—it may be a smaller subsection of your overall audience. And figure out how to best engage with them. Try running different contests or holding giveaways. Doing these things will boost interaction and will increase your reach.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing can be another great tool in your toolbelt. As you think about the approach you want to take with email marketing, be careful not to overdo it. One of the likeliest ways to turn off your customers is to spam them.

Additionally, thinking about nontraditional email marketing like triggered emails may be worth your consideration. Triggered emails have a 71 percent higher open rate than a regular email. Triggered emails are emails that are sent on an individual basis instead of all at once to a large group. These emails are automatically sent in response to a customer’s behavior (like a cart reminder email responding to a customer’s unpurchased items in their cart).

Through a Blog

Another great way to reach your customers is by producing meaningful content on a blog. Unlike other marketing methods like emailing and posting on social media, a blog allows you to respond to customer needs and answer their questions.

Focus on blog articles and posts that will respond to questions that might come up concerning your product. For example, if you sell yard equipment like lawnmowers, publish articles about lawn care, yard remodeling, and gardening.


Thinking about a variety of marketing channels will help you reach more people with approaches that will resonate with them more. But while you must embrace a varied marketing strategy, make sure that your choices are data-informed. As you start to implement different strategies, don’t forget to carefully measure the results so you can figure out which ideas to toss and which ideas to keep.


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