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What to Know Before Building a Business App

If you want to grow your business, you need a company app. An app can make it incredibly convenient for customers to access your products and services on the go. Here’s how you can make an amazing app that attracts customers:

Thoroughly Research the Market

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to create an effective business app without detailed market research. Apptamin recommends, “The best way to come up with an app idea is to identify a specific problem and to build a solution for that particular problem. Then see if there are others who have already tried to solve that problem and see what they did.” These are some of the most important things to consider when you’re doing it:

  • If you are building a website, do keyword research. Always make sure that you choose a significant number of keywords, and make sure that your site consists of 1-3% keywords.
  • Make sure that you pay attention to how trends on social media affect your company. 

Develop Your Product Effectively

Teknos explains that tech companies often struggle with estimating the value of their intangible assets, such as software code, mobile apps, and developmental research. As you make new app developments, it’s important to consider the valuation drivers in your industry. While valuation is a complicated process, some key drivers to success include code quality, user activity, platform risk, and projected growth. The more you can do to research your product, market to users, and improve your code, the better off you’ll be. 

Consider Formal Training

Make sure to have the required equipment for this project, so if you want to develop an iOS app, to have an Apple computer, or if developing an Android app, to have a PC. This, and someone who knows how to develop an app correctly. While the best course of action would be to hire an app developer, this may not be within your business’ budget. In which case, you will need to either do it yourself, or find a current employee who can help develop it. You can also see the options for formal education, once you decide who on your team will be taking care of it:

  • Take a course at your local community college. You might find that there are classes offered at your community college that discuss web development, and these courses often have an extensive amount of information that can be used to perfect and create apps.
  • While it may be possible to take online courses on app development from your local community college, there are other programs that you can find on the internet. However, you need to ensure that the course you choose is offered by a reputable company, and you should always read reviews of any courses that you are considering.
  • While you should always get formal training to ensure that you are able to properly design an app, there are many online articles that you can find on the topic in order to supplement your understanding.

Create a Prototype

According to Praxent, “usability testing and prototyping is the only way to accurately anticipate the cost of web apps before building.” Creating a prototype of the app will also allow you to perfect your product over time, and this will enable you to make a more popular product. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re creating a prototype:

  • Keep in mind that the prototype does not have to have all the features that the completed version will have.
  • You may benefit from app prototyping software.
  • Pay close attention to the scripts used for videos, as this will ensure that your videos run properly.

Hire an IT Professional

If you aren’t familiar with how to ensure the proper coding of an app, it’s essential to hire an IT expert, and these are some of the most important things that you should consider when you’re choosing one:

  • Ensure that you hire an IT expert experienced in the field, and it’s best if they have experience designing apps that are similar to what you plan to create.
  • If you are hiring an IT expert, make sure that their credentials are genuine, and verify any experience that they have had in the field.

Advertise Properly

In order to make sure that your app is successful, it’s essential that you properly advertise the product that you create. Customer data analysis will prove essential when you want to estimate the value of your app. these are some of the most important things to consider when you’re coming up with a game plan for advertising:

Use the Right Online Marketing Strategies

If you have an app, you can’t just put it out there and expect people to download it.  Here are some tips that will allow you to properly advertise it:

  • Regularly add new content to your website, and this will improve the site’s search rankings.
  • Always use plenty of engaging language, and keep this in mind when you are creating email advertisements.
  • Don’t hesitate to use banner advertisements to promote your app, and this can reach a large number of people.
  • YouTube makes it possible to reach a large number of people through videos, and social media provides a wide range of opportunities to reach people. Both ways of reaching potential customers are great for attracting those with a visual learning style.

Determine Where You’ll Sell It

While you should always have your app available for download on your website, it’s important to make sure that you offer it other places as well. Here are some sites where you should consider submitting your app:

  • Google Play: Google Play offers thousands of apps, and if it is rated well on the platform, you can expect that numerous people will download it.
  • The Apple Store: The Apple Store is the go-to website for Apple users to download software, and if your app is rated well there, you can expect numerous downloads.
  • Cnet: Cnet is a popular platform for the downloading of apps, and it is used by people with all operating systems.
  • The Windows Website: Windows users often download apps directly from the Windows website, and customers will have an exceptionally strong sense of the app’s security when they see your app listed there.

Ensure that Your App is an MVP Product (Minimum Viable Product)

Minimum viable products are always tested by the first people who used it, and this can allow you to work out any kinks with it very quickly. Technopedia explains it as, “A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.” These are some of the most essential tips for creating a minimum viable product:

  • Ensure that there is a feedback loop included in the app, and this will allow you to continue to improve the app as time goes on. One way that you can create such a feedback loop is to ensure that people can provide feedback directly to you after they download the product, and you can also regularly check the reviews posted on third party websites for the download of the app.
  • It’s also possible to find online templates for a minimum viable product, and these templates often provide a highly detailed guide on the topic. Many of these templates are available on powerpoint, and this can be a great way to ensure that your employees understand the product’s design. Often, these templates are affordable, and they can be easily edited to suit your needs. In fact, some of them are available for less than 20 dollars.

Understand The Differences Between Operating Systems

Different operating systems require different types of code, and it’s essential that you are thoroughly familiar with these differences in order to create an app that runs. Here’s a basic overview of the differences between the code that is used to create an app for Android, Windows, and Macintosh devices:

  • Macintosh: Macintosh devices require that you use Xcode, and this will allow you to write code specifically designed for Apple’s devices. Also, you will need to become as familiar as possible with vector-C, and always use a vector graphics program.
  • Android: You will need to download Android Studio, and this will make it possible to begin creating your app.
  • Windows: In order to create Windows apps, you will need a program called studio, and this program is easy to access.

While creating an app can be a great way to increase your profits, it’s important to make sure that you follow the steps of creating a web app properly. This will ensure that as many people download it as possible, and it’s also likely to be rated much better by customers.


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