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Top 2 Ways to Grow your Business Quickly and Effectively.


After several years of working with many businesses in the marketing field, I’ve come across my list of the top two ways to really grow your business. Those that seem to follow this process have proven to scale their business really well and very quickly with a great outcome.



#1 Hire a Marketing Professional.

(This is not necessarily a web developer, IT guy, or a tech savvy student)


I know what you’re thinking: We don’t have the budget and we can figure it out for ourselves. Maybe you want to try to manage social media or use one of those build your own websites. You may even try to send some emails out to clients here or there when you have the time. Better yet, you’ll have Sally at the front desk tackle some of these tasks because you know it’s important but no one else has the time. We’ll have her follow some influential leaders, watch some free YouTube videos, or attend some free courses etc. Trust me, marketing the wrong way is actually wasting business time and will cost you a lot of money in the long run while definitely slowing your business growth.


Hire a professional business marketer. What exactly does this mean? You hired a web developer to build your website and the phone isn’t ringing off the hook, why? Because you had someone build you a website without any marketing knowledge and although you received a beautiful website, it will never convert and no leads will generate from it.


Someone with marketing knowledge should not only be able to help your business with all things marketing (including websites, social media, SEO, and branding), but they should also know what key items should be included on all the above to generate sales.



Here’s a list of a few things they should know. . .



How to write captivating copy on your website, social media, or branding materials to trigger a customer response. Please note: I definitely agree with having a copywriter handle this BUT, a writer may not know how to adjust copy for lead generation. Make sure they can do both.


Include captivating, meaningful photos to trigger an emotion to generate leads. Just adding a nice photo to website is not enough. Make sure they know the purpose of the imagery.
Provide specific call to actions that generate leads across all your marketing materials. Telling your potential customers to call or email you for services IS NOT a call to action and won’t work.
Add specific lead generating components to help grow your business. Anyone in the marketing industry knows there’s several tools we can add to your website and social media etc. to make them a lead generating machine.


A person/company that specializes in marketing has the knowledge and know how to deliver results. Today, with the use of the internet, you can basically do all your marketing online yourself if you really wanted to. Without the marketing knowledge needed however, your website may not rank or even convert, your social media following will not be engaged, and you may not attain leads like you’d like from these platforms. This is the very reason why you should invest in your business and seek proper guidance.





So you followed all the advice above and you found the right fit. You hired someone to help market your business. Great! Now what? Well, this is the BIG one. LISTEN! You are trusting someone to help build your business BUT you’d like to control, change, and have a say in rearranging everything. That old saying, “the customer is always right,” in this case could cost you money. I’m going to provide some real world examples below and show you why this is not always the case. . .


CLIENT 1: I want all the red buttons on my site changed to blue.
MARKETING AGENCY: The buttons are red because red converts with higher frequency.
CLIENT 1: That’s ok. Let’s just make it match, I think blue looks better.
MARKETING AGENCY: Less leads are generating from blue buttons.

CLIENT 2: Why did you run the same Facebook ad again this week? We want fresh content every week.
MARKETING AGENCY: Because this campaign has done extremely well. We made one slight addition and ran it again.
CLIENT 2: That’s ok, just put new photos/content for next week.
MARKETING AGENCY: Runs new ad with new content and photos. Outcome is less leads than the previous rerun ad.

CLIENT 3: I do not want stock photos of people used on my social media advertisement. Please use some icons or graphic etc.
MARKETING AGENCY: Do you know ads with people have higher conversions and will gain better results?
CLIENT 3: That’s fine. Let’s change it. I’m not really fond of having stock photos of people.
MARKETING AGENCY: Runs ad and doesn’t receive the outcome that it could have potentially received.

CLIENT 4: I don’t want my email form and service listings etc. where you have it on the website. Can you please put it somewhere else?
MARKETING AGENCY: Since you only have a few seconds to entice your visitors when they land on your website, you should keep your most important factors above the fold.
CLIENT 4: We just like it better closer to the bottom. Can you change that?
MARKETING COMPANY: Makes change and visitors are leaving the website after visiting the first page. The website bounce rate is high because they were not engaged or didn’t receive what they were looking for in the first few seconds (toward the top where originally placed).

CLIENT 5: Why was our title and or/text changed slightly on the website? We like the way it was written.
MARKETING AGENCY: We tweaked the text slightly to display great call to actions that will help with lead generation.
CLIENT 5: We didn’t ask for the change, please change it back.
MARKETING AGENCY: Lead generations are falling short on the website due to non-engaging content.

These are just a few examples but it is crucial to the success of your business that you LISTEN and TRUST the agency you’re working with. If you don’t trust who you’re working with then find a partnership that feels like a better fit.


If you find the right EXPERIENCED marketing partner and LISTEN, your business is guaranteed to grow.


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