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Six Skills Every Self-Employed Entrepreneur Needs

Ready to be in business for yourself? Whether you’re selling goods from your kitchen table or services from an office, here are six skills every entrepreneur need in order to be successful!


1. Time Management

As a self-employed entrepreneur, you will generally be responsible for your own daily schedule. While client demands may help shape that schedule, nobody is going to be watching over your shoulder to make sure you’re getting the job done. Set alarms, use calendars, and get into a routine that works for you. There are a ton of organizational apps built to help you stay on track. Find ways that work for you.


2. Technology

Your likely going to be very involved in building and/or managing your website and social media. Even if you aren’t versed in website design or coding, you’ll be able to find plenty of firms that specialize in doing the building for you. Look for someone with experience, a varied portfolio, experience in a common code language, and knowledge in online marketing. Keep up-to-date with new technology coming into your industry as well. Things like automation and new software systems can keep your operations smooth as well as keep you relevant when it comes to competition. 


3. Marketing & Advertising

Marketing your services or products is the only way you’ll grow your business and find new clients. Start a blog that you can share on your company’s social media accounts. Join local meet-ups in your industry. Wherever you go, always be marketing.


4. Innovation 

Even if you’re starting out with a tried-and-true concept, it’s imperative to be mindful of trends in your industry. You’ll need to constantly tweak that concept to keep it fresh. Be innovative in how you present your product, package it, or sell it online. Think of creative ways to stay relevant without being pushy.


5. Accounting

Get on top of those receipts before they get the best of you! Keeping your finances in order from the beginning will save headaches and help you take advantage of all your deductions. 

There are plenty of free of and low-cost accounting services for beginners that will grow with you, some of which are outlined on Business News Daily. If you’re just not sure you can stay on top of it, then hire an accountant with great reviews. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear picture of your business finances at all times. 


6. Self-Motivation

This skill is key to being a successful entrepreneur! When the excitement of a new project dies down, you’ll need self-motivation to keep you pushing through — and pushing the envelope. During slumps in activity, will you have the motivation to go out and get new business? You’ll need to be your own cheerleader on those slow, gray days when you’d rather just stay in bed, because the work and growth won’t go on without you.


Becoming your own boss is the dream of so many new entrepreneurs. Make sure you hone your skills and adapt to a changing work pace as you go. Having these basics down can help keep things organized from top to bottom.


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