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Pro Tip: You Don’t Have to Rent a Hotel Conference Room

It can be easy to choose the default option of hosting your business meeting at a hotel conference room. After all, most of the attendees will be staying in that hotel and the convenience is appealing. However, using an alternate venue may be a better option for your company meeting for a variety of surprising reasons, including cost and productivity.

What Are the Downsides of Hotel Conference Rooms?

At first glance, renting a hotel conference room may seem like the best option. However, Davinci explains that most hotel rates are too expensive to be practical for smaller companies, and hotel meeting rooms usually don’t offer much in the way of services or amenities. A critical amenity many don’t consider is a readily available IT technician to help with any emergency technical problems. These limitations reduce the actual value of hotel conference rooms.

It is also essential to consider the social aspect. If attendees are staying in the same building as the meeting, it may be difficult for them to disentangle work and free time. This can reduce the ability of attendees to recharge and renew their creativity, thus limiting overall productivity.

Get Out of the Hotel

Brainzooming talks about how there are a variety of options available for hosting meetings outside of hotels, each providing amenities and services designed to streamline the meeting process. There are several things to consider when you’re looking for a space. Accessibility and cost are perhaps the most important, but optional services can help set a meeting space apart, particularly things like secretarial services and catering. Finally, consider the atmosphere and decor of the meeting space and look for something that aligns with your company.

Try Meeting Online

By far the cheapest solution, meeting online is a good alternative for many companies. In particular, eZTalks describes how the added features of an online meeting, like screen sharing, polls and session recording, among others, make virtual meetings particularly attractive. Attendees can also be located anywhere in the world, which cuts out travel costs and increases the likelihood of someone attending. Virtual meetings may not work for every company, but they are an excellent alternative to conference room rentals that’s worth considering.

Ultimately, the choice to hold your meeting in a hotel or alternative venue depends on the culture and atmosphere of your company. However, considering alternative sites may prove to be beneficial for your company in the long run.

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