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Pieces of Customer Information You Should Always Collect

When you are running a business, the more information you have the better informed you can be about your business choices in the future. It can be challenging to figure out what information you need from your customers and finding the balance between getting the information you need and not overloading customers is essential. Here are a few bits of information you should always be sure to get from your customers.


Collecting customer email addresses can be essential to ensuring their return business and building your customer relationship. It is easy to collect customer email addresses during online transactions, but it can be more difficult in the store. If you are trying to collect customer email addresses in-store, it can be helpful to set up a loyalty program or raffle so that you can easily get the information from your customers. Once you have their email address, you can use it to send them information about deals, check-in on their experience, and open lines of communication.

Phone Numbers

Getting customer phone numbers is another great way to ensure that you won’t lose track of your customers. With your customer phone numbers, you can reach out to them about events and deals and help them to remember your business. Regulatory compliance with text messages is less strict than with phone calls. Making sure that you are compliant is essential but since the rules are less strict, you have some leeway to make the connections that you need to improve your business.

Why They Chose Your Company

In addition to personal contact information, it is really helpful to have information on why your customers chose your company. This information helps you to understand what your customers value so you can implement more of those techniques in the future. You can ask a variety of questions to get at these answers, and the more information you gather, the better it will be for you and your company. In your line of questioning, be fairly open-ended and try to be concise and clear. The easier it is for customers to answer your questions, the better it will be.

Building relationships with your customers is an essential practice, and the more you learn about them, the easier it will be. Use these tips to get started on gathering customer information and building those relationships.

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