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I paid for SEO and my website is still not ranking. Whats going on?


We hear people say this all the time. So let’s talk about why this could be happening. First, it could be general SEO practices that are missing like alt tags, meta tags, descriptions, page titles etc. Those are general things that are looked at to determine if you are properly following the standard. But the most crucial thing that we find missing or needing work is your website content.


Your website page content needs to be relevant to your key word your trying to rank for. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by companies. If your key word is “business coach” and your page talks solely about a process that you use and has no relevance to a business coach its not going to rank well. Not only should you include your key word in your content several times but your page title should reflect it as well. So instead of naming your page “Our Company Process” you’d like to focus on that key word in the title instead.


The next time your developer asks you for your page content take that piece of information into consideration. A lot of times you can pay additional to have the content written for you that is SEO friendly.


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