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Just How Important Are Reviews for Your Business?

Regardless of the stage you’re at with your business, getting good reviews goes a long way. Figuring out how to actually get those reviews can be challenging. Here are some reasons why it’s worth the effort.


They Help You Understand Customers

One of the most important reasons to invest in getting a good number of customer reviews is to get a better feel for how your target audience feels about your products. Try to get reviews at various stages of customer interaction. If you can, provide incentives for customers to give you reviews about your service as well as the product itself.


Having reviews of the different facets of the experience your company provides will help you pinpoint what makes you stand out from the competition and where you can specifically improve.



They Give Credibility

Having a lot of reviews can do a lot when it comes to assuaging potential new customers. Around 84 percent of consumers trust reviews as much as they trust their friends’ recommendations. Think about that. When there are lots of good reviews, potential customers are much more likely to buy your product. In fact, they’re just as likely to buy it as if a friend they intimately trust had told them about it.


As you work to get more reviews, make sure that you focus your efforts on sites that tend to be high traffic. If you sell your products on Amazon, provide incentives to customers to leave a review on the site.



They Improve Your SEO

Another important reason to try and get reviews is to boost your search engine optimization (SEO). When you do the work to make your Google page more robust and when you do the work to get a greater number of positive reviews, Google will prioritize your page in relevant search queries. When a large percentage of new leads come from internet users, having Google’s algorithm prioritizing your company’s page will make a huge difference.




As you work to get more reviews on your products and company, don’t forget the basics. You can provide external motivation for customers to leave reviews. But the best motivation truly comes from offering great services—make sure your products are truly quality and you’ll be able to build a reputation on that. People tell their friends about the things they love, so work to deliver that to your customers.


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