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How Your Business Can Benefit from More Work from Home

During the pandemic, many businesses had to make the transition to having more employees work from home. While it initially happened because of necessity and safety, there are many more benefits that working from home can offer to your business. From savings on many maintenance costs to actual benefits to productivity and employee satisfaction, more work from home can make your business a better place to work and a more successful company overall.


Hire from a Wider Pool


A benefit that often goes overlooked when businesses think about having more work from home is that it positively impacts your ability to hire. When you open your doors to work from home, you can hire from a wider pool of potential employees because you can reach out to a wider physical area and to people who aren’t able to make the commute for one reason or another. If you are having difficulties finding employees who meet your standards in your local area, work from home offers you a chance to look a little bit farther and expand your options.


Better Work-Life Balance


Having employees with a good work-life balance is an essential part of having good productivity and happy employees. Working from home can offer that possibility to your employees and improve their work-life balance. When your employees work from home, they are better able to flexibly design their schedule to meet their needs while still making sure that they get everything done from home. That means that they can ensure that they are able to attend events, be there for their families, and have time for themselves even while also ensuring that they fulfill every one of their responsibilities at work to a high level.


Shrink Office Space


One cost-effective element of employees working from home is that you won’t need as much office space. Renting your office space can be expensive, and the smaller amount of space you need, the more money you are able to save. Even if you decide to keep your current office space, you can sublet the excess when it’s not in use to make extra money or cover some of your costs. Having less office space also makes you responsible for less area, which means it will be easier to maintain and have fewer maintenance costs overall. Think about the ways you use office space now to help you decide how to adjust it as more and more employees work from home.


Reduce Utility Bills


When you have less office space to worry about, you also have a smaller area to heat and cool and fewer machines using electricity in your office. All of that results in lower utility bills, which can bring huge benefits to your business. Once you are down to a smaller staff and a smaller office, you may want to think about the other things you can do to save on your utility costs and make your business more energy efficient. Inspections can also reduce HVAC costs for your business. With that in mind, you can take full advantage of the energy savings you get by having more employees work from home.


Increasing Your Productivity


Many employers worry that if they allow work from home, they will encounter a decrease in productivity among their employees. However, it appears that working from home actually tends to increase productivity. A lot of the increased productivity comes from a lack of a commute which could sometimes cause employees to come in late to work or leave work early. When working from home, employees are better able to manage their schedules and make sure that they are getting their tasks done in a timely manner. Working from home also helps employees to use fewer sick days and manage their time more effectively.


Become More Competitive among Other Employers


In addition to broadening your reach for potential employees, allowing employees to work from home allows you to gain a competitive edge over other employers. Employees are excited by the possibility of working from home and want to find employers that offer it as an option. When you show your willingness to allow work from home it appeals to employees as they see benefits in the flexibility of the work and imagine their life moving forward. Work from home often gives employees the chance to travel more and have opportunities that a traditional job in a traditional office doesn’t offer.


Have Happier Employees


Employees who work from home tend to be happier and more satisfied with their work. While this is great news for your employees, it is also good news for your company. Happier employees tend to stay in their place of business which reduces turnover and decreases your need to constantly train new employees. An important element to keep in mind with having employees work from home is that it is important to still find and encourage meaningful ways for employees and employers to build relationships with one another. The success of working from home depends on strong bonds and good communication so everyone is on the same page moving forward.


Improved Flexibility for Employees and Management


Having the option to work from home will make things more flexible for you and your employees. Sometimes, this will translate to employees working extra hours or on a Saturday so they can take a weekday off, instead of using their paid time off. Sometimes it will simply give them the option to take a long lunch and come back refreshed and ready to get things done. As long as everyone knows the expectations, working from home can add useful flexibility for everyone. 

Your business takes time, energy, and money to run, and with work from home, you can save on all of those elements. From making it easier to find employees to improving your employee relationships, work from home can help your business flourish. If work from home makes sense for your business, there’s no reason not to make it happen.

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