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How to Target Your Marketing to International Markets

Marketing is a game, a game that relies on having specific tactics and approaches for different specific groups of people and potential clients and customers. This may sound easy enough, but the more you expand, and the wider your target audience gets, the harder marketing gets. A common example of this happening is when businesses expand internationally and find that they need new marketing strategies to maximize their international engagement. With the right tools and know-how, however, you can target international markets with the same specificity you give domestic markets. Here is how you can better target your marketing towards international markets for overseas success.

Understand the Demographic

The first key to targeting your marketing to international markets is to understand the demographics of the international markets your business participates in. Demographics, whether it is based on age, race, gender, sex, or another qualifier, change dramatically depending on where in the world you are. Understanding the demographics of your new international markets is crucial to targeting your marketing appropriately to these different demographic groups. Do your research and find this information for yourself, you will be shocked just how different some areas of the world are from your domestic market.

Translate Your Material

The next crucial step to targeting your marketing towards international markets is to translate your material. Any material, content, webpages, and other information or materials you have accessible via the internet must be accessible in the languages spoken in different international markets you compete in. Translation needs to take into account localization, not just literal meaning. You don’t want a simple literal translation of your content, but a full-developed translation of your brand culture, personality, and specifics. Do what you need to find translators and software that can effectively translate not just your words, but your whole brand, into a new language.

Pay Attention to Cultural Attitudes

The final piece of targeting your marketing towards international markets is to pay close attention to cultural attitudes around your industry. Different areas of the world have different expectations and standards surrounding different products and services, and you need to make sure what your business offers is what is wanted in any given international market. For instance, Starbucks’ launch in Australia was a major disaster, given Australia’s love for high quality coffee, which can be found in cafes across the continent. Make sure you know what your industry standards are in different countries.

Targeting your marketing to international markets is much harder than you may imagine. You need to adapt and change your approach for each new market you enter. Pay attention to these three keys for targeting your marketing to international markets for the most successful international business campaign possible.

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