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How to Shake Off a Negative Reputation

A negative reputation can put your business in jeopardy. If any negativity does arise, you should face it head on and work to better the reputation. This can be done with transparency, culture change, and damage prevention.

Practice Transparency

Transparency is a business best practice. This is especially important if you need to shake off a negative reputation. Transparency helps to build trust, which will make your business desirable. Transparency should be with employees, partners, investors, and customers of the business. All dealings should be communicated openly. Transparency with customers is of great importance and is how you build loyalty. If any mistakes are made, they should be readily admitted instead of covered up. Mistakes will occur, but customers do not like mistakes being hidden. Customer feedback and questions should be responded to quickly. Being transparent will help you repair and avoid any future negativity that builds around your business.

Change Your Culture

If there is a negative reputation circulating, that may be the best time to self-reflect and make changes as necessary. This can begin with changing your business culture. You should clearly define values and behaviors you want out of your business. Your culture needs to then be aligned with your processes. There needs to be accountability and it must be a priority for everyone. This needs to be a top-down approach, where company leaders set the example. The culture shift then needs to be aligned with your brand. There are many benefits to adopting a culture of continuous improvement. This will help you ensure that your business will continue to thrive.

Prevent Damage

To keep up with your business’s reputation, perform regular searches of your business on google. This will help you assess your reputation and prevent it from damage. You can be proactive on any negative stories you find on your business and address them before it circulates. You can also set up alerts for titles, product names, industry terms, and popular searches. Set up a plan for addressing any negativity. Sometimes it can be better for you not to respond, but to continue to build up your reputation among your followers.

A negative reputation will turn customers, investors, partners, and employees away from your business. Having transparency, a positive culture, and damage control will help your business maintain a positive reputation. This will ensure that your business will continue to thrive.

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