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How to Hold the Attention of Your Audience

Your product is only as good as its customers. That is to say, no matter how good your product actually is, it is your customers and their capital that decides how much it is truly worth. Customers start as nothing more than spectators, however, so capturing and holding your audience’s attention is the first step towards getting your product noticed.

Make Experiences Interactive

Your presentation of a product online needs to be memorable. If your audience interacts with your website, they are more likely to be engaged and remember your product, even if they don’t immediately buy it. To be more interactive, give your website interesting but intuitive content that is easy but fun to navigate. Popcomm recommends using a touch of gamification and inspiring action in your audience. Working with professional content designers is also worth the investment, as an engaged audience is more likely to be persuaded and make a desired action.

Create Content People Want

According to Podium, only about 3% of businesses that use content marketing do it correctly. Be sure you don’t make the same mistake of creating content people don’t care about. It takes mere seconds for someone to view or listen to something before they decide to engage or disengage, so research into what appeals to the wants and needs specific to your target market. Learn what kind of content they are already consuming, what keywords they are searching, and their psychographics, before then tailoring your content to match what they are looking for.  

Appeal to Emotion

We already know that in order to hold the attention of your audience, they need to be engaged in some way. Your product ultimately needs to fill a need or solve a problem, and a great way to show your audience is to appeal to an emotion. According to Upland, appealing to emotion can be done through telling a story about your product. It doesn’t need to be made up, and it shouldn’t be insincere, but it should appeal to something the audience already feels or knows to be true, making it something personal to them. Connecting with the audience through emotion will help bring both your product and your brand to life.


Without your audience, you have no product and no business. You need to keep their attention just long enough for them to see why your product is of value to them and their lives. They are the most important part of your business, so take time to learn about them. Learn about their pain points, what kind of content they enjoy, interact with them, and most importantly give them an experience they won’t forget.  


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