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How Do I Attribute Results in SEO?


Results in SEO are often measured differently than how you might measure a PPC campaign. This is because SEO takes time and when you attribute results in SEO, you’re not necessarily attributing conversions or even traffic. Search engine optimization campaigns can be working and doing quite well even when the website is receiving very little traffic, and none of the actual conversions are attributed to the SEO. This is often the case when a site is new or attempting to rank a new page. In the beginning stages of the SEO campaign, you will attribute your results by some of the factors listed below:

#1 – Is There Traffic Reported?

Of course, the first place you will look for SEO results is in Google Analytics. As one of the most popular tools among digital marketers, Google Analytics provides free web analytics that provide valuable insight into who is visiting your website.  Check your results through Google Analytics to see what traffic is being reported. If you are receiving organic traffic and it has been reported, this is an indicative sign that your search engine optimization efforts have been successful.

#2 – Have Your Rankings Increased?

If you do not see any new traffic, then you will have to attribute your SEO results by some other factor. One of the best ways to conclude whether your search engine optimization campaign is performing well is whether your rankings have increased. This increase in rankings could be very minimal, such as moving from position number 52 to position number 45. However, this progress is still worth documenting as SEO can be quite a gradual and long-term process. Small rank changes are signs of healthy movement in your search engine listings. Rank tracking software can help you monitor your results in SEO. After all, an rankings boost your page receives is a step in the right direction. 

#3 – Have You Stuck to the Fundamentals?

There are fundamental aspects to search engine optimization that inevitably provide results if you stick to them. For instance, if you are applying on page search engine optimization to your website’s pages, even if you do not see results right away this is important to your long-term rankings. Additionally, if you are building high-quality links on websites with real and genuine traffic, this will eventually increase your search engine listings. Using social media marketing to boost SEO results is yet another essential fundamental to boost rankings. Creating pages across different platforms, including Google My Business, LinkedIn, and Bing Places, will go a long way toward boosting results. 


Sticking to the fundamentals is how you know you are on the right path even when your traffic rankings are indicating otherwise. It’s important to stay the course and not get caught up in the metrics. Consider investing in some sort of business intelligence software to keep on top of real-time trends so as to help guide not only your SEO, but your content and your marketing campaigns.

#4 – Check Incoming Queries on Google Search Console

You should have your website connected to Google Search Console. If you do, you will be able to view incoming queries. You will find this under Search Traffic -> Search Analytics. Here, you can see your total clicks for the queries that you are displayed for on the Google search engine. You can also view this data by a specific page on your website, traffic from particular countries, devices, or dates. Google Search Console also allows you to view impressions, click through rate, and your average position. This is a great way to verify that you are receiving clicks and traffic from your search engine optimization efforts.


Attributing results to SEO is often about monitoring your campaign in the right way. It’s not always about conversions and traffic, but you’re going to want to monitor them because they will have an impact on your sales and how you’ll want to market.  Use the above tips to help you get started with attributing your SEO results. If you need help getting results, check out our services and see what we can do for you.


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