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Digital Marketing + Employee Recruitment for 2022


We’re noticing a trend in digital marketing that involves employment search! With a lack of potential candidates the competition is getting fierce. There’s definitely a shortage in the job market and companies are thinking out side of their usual recruiting strategies.


Old 3rd party job recruitment sites are over crowded with job listings and even paid ads as well. Long gone are the days of newspaper and print ads. Bill boards are not really getting the traffic that a company may need especially if the potential audience does not even pass by them. Then what’s left?


We’re noticing that social media ads are starting to see an influx for employee recruitment, Especially to those that have never considered ads before. As I scroll through social media I come across several job search posts, as these were never seen in my personal feed before. With how the economy is I don’t expect to see a downward trend any time soon.


As we continue to run more and more ads in the social media space for our clients we’re seeing a very positive outcome over those that are using traditional methods.


We continue to consult with our clients including other digital marketing FREE methods that can help their searches via their social pages, website etc.


The Best advice for employee acquisitions is to learn where your potential audience is through analytical data and target that audience.


If you need help navigating the employee acquisition process with digital marketing please feel free to shoot us an email



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