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Social Media

  • What You Need to Get a Social Media Initiative Right

    Starting a social media initiative takes a lot of preparation. You need to think about the design and graphics of your posts, the variation in types of posts, and what your ultimate goal for your social media is. Even with all these different things to be thinking about, make sure you plan carefully so you […]

  • How Can Social Media Lower the Marketing Cost for a Small Business?

    Figuring out your marketing strategy on a budget can be challenging. Running ads and doing other types of branding can be relatively expensive so it is nice when you find marketing options that are lower cost. Social media marketing can be one of the best inexpensive ways for you to market your products.   Solidifies […]

  • How Your Business Benefits from Posting Regularly to Social Media

    Some businesses take social media for granted or think that it doesn’t have a lot to offer but having a solid social media presence can do a lot for your business. Regular posting on social media can help you to build up a following and reach new customers. Finding a way to make social media […]

  • What’s the Best Way to Reach Your Customers?

    Tailoring your marketing strategy requires a good deal of effort. As you’re thinking about the best way to reach your customers, be willing to go outside your comfort zone a bit and try new things. As you experiment with a variety of approaches, pay attention to which ones seem to resonate the most with your […]

  • What is the Purpose of Social Media in a Marketing Campaign?

    Social media connects people to organizations, events, products, and (most importantly) each other. As a marketing campaign, there is no better tool than these platforms to reach the widest possible audience with the most effective messages possible. Take advantage of the benefits of social media to strengthen your impact via conversations, accessibility, and impact. Increase […]


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