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  • What to Think About Before Choosing How You Talk to Customers

    The way you communicate with customers is important for your business. The way customers view the business can make the difference between being a return customer or leaving. When customers feel a connection to a brand and have a trusted relationship with it, they become loyal customers. Their Preferences There are multiple channels through which […]

  • How to Give Your Brand a Clean Slate

    As a business, your brand is what drives the perceptions of your customers and the goals of your company. Sometimes the desired perception and direction of the company changes. As your company develops you may need a brand refresh. Give your brand a clean slate by changing your name, resetting your online presence, and raising […]

  • What Makes a Brand More Attractive to a Younger Audience?

    If you are looking to create a brand with longevity, you want to make sure that you are attracting a younger audience who will continue to use your products and services well into the future. That means making sure that you learn about younger audiences and what they are looking for in the brands they […]

  • How Your Marketing Strategy Can Promote Your Company Values

    There’s a reason why so many companies struggle to craft and implement a marketing strategy. This stems from needing to insert various components into a plan that allows it to make sense from both a financial and mission sense. However, one of the key components often missed by companies includes the insertion of their company […]

  • How Utilizing Facebook Can Help Your Business Reach More Customers

    There is no doubt about it: Facebook is not a media juggernaut, it is the media juggernaut. The social networking platform boasts 2.4 billion monthly active users in a slew of demographics, and its user base and engagement rate increases every year. Thanks to Facebook, businesses have a chance to connect with customers—or potential customers—in […]


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