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Can You “Hack” Your Customer’s Brains?

In business, a lot is dependent on your customers. You need to understand their needs/wants, their reactions to things, and even how they might act in the future. While you can’t literally read their minds, there are still ways you can “hack” their brains to make informed decisions for your business.

Know Who You are Talking To

Knowing your business’ demographics is helpful in many ways. Since demographics are easily measured, you can quickly gather data on your general consumers. This data can then be used to determine how your consumers shop, what influences their behavior, and possibly how they might think. For example, where they live could influence whether they walk or drive to your business’ location which in turn allows you to make adjustments that accommodate them. Knowing your demographics also helps you determine the best marketing strategies you can use.

Look at the Data

Through techniques such as neuromarketing, you can learn how your consumers are feeling and even guess how they may be thinking. There are two main ways you can gather data through neuromarketing. The first is by using technology such as fMRI scans. These scans would likely be done voluntarily by customers. Understanding how their brains are reacting to your advertisements can help you make choices that will be the most effective. The second type of neuromarketing is more affordable and available. You can use technology to track eye movement, pupil dilation, facial expressions, and more. This data is easier to gather and it can help you understand how people are reacting to your business.

Implement Your Research

If you want to create the best experience for you and your customers, you need to put the data you collect to good use. You can use our research to make data-informed decisions. Spend some time analyzing what you’ve learned from understanding your demographics and from collecting data. Based on what you’ve collected, you can determine how customers react to your advertisements, products, etc. and now you can make changes to your business that best reflect what your customers want. You must constantly repeat this process. Customer preferences are constantly changing and in many cases, they might not even know why.

Understanding your customers is an essential part of helping your business succeed. There are many techniques you can use to “hack” their brains. Try multiple approaches to help you gather enough data to make the best decisions for you and your customers.

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