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Can Thumbtack Help Your Business?


1. This is the first initial review of Thumbtack. First off, I can honestly say as far as usability, the website layout is great! It’s easy to navigate and setup is a breeze. We recommended setting up your account on the desk top version of course as the mobile version does not seem to have all the options to update your account.


2. You will have access to potential clients that you may not other wise have gotten a chance to connect with. You can select your area to accept jobs to avoid long travels or gain a broader area of reaching potential clients. Word of mouth works great but with Thumbtack you can reach across cites, counties, and states.


3. There is a fee to submit proposals but you decide your budget and which jobs to choose or pass on. With many small businesses working on a limited budget, they can control how many jobs to respond to and which ones are worth responding to.


1. No free trial. Thumbtack should offer a free trial or a free option where you can send a couple free quotes a month. When we help businesses that are on a tight budget with their marketing strategies we may start off with free plans for social media marketing, email marketing, SEO that are all free. When the company stabilizes we then crank it up and work with a more powerful paid service. They fall short with out having a “free account level” or “free trial”.


2. The pricing structure seems a little high depending on your industry.


3. Just like any other marketing expense, Its a bit of a gamble. With no conversion rates per industry its hard to tell what your return will be. Yes you can increase the odds of getting the job by providing descriptive responses etc but there is no way to really know if what your responding to is a really good lead.


Again this is our first initial thought.


Yes it is an investment which may lead to loss of money but depending on your industry it may be worth the investment. We recommend trying it out. Every business is different and every marketing strategy is different and produces different results. A consulting client of ours does great on LinkedIn and a Credit Repair client of ours does great with Facebook. Approaching your marketing strategy from different avenues of advertising is ideal. Thumbtack is definitely worth adding to your marketing strategy.


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