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5 Ways to Stay in Contact with Your Customers

Providing excellent service is not the only way to make a lasting impression in a customer’s mind. Often, staying in contact with customers can have a more significant impact on how your company is remembered in the long term. With modern technological advances, there are now countless ways to communicate with your customer base and ensure that your presence is always there to answer questions and provide valuable information to clients. Here are five of the most impactful communication methods you can incorporate into your business plan today.

Blog Content

Building a blog with well-crafted articles can establish expertise in a topic, increasing customer confidence in your brand. Search engine optimization and creative blog design can also draw new customers into your business. A blog can easily be incorporated into your existing company website, and a variety of WordPress plugins are available to streamline the process.

Business Text Messaging

Business text messaging is a vital tool to leverage when building a strong customer communication protocol. 90% of consumers would prefer to engage with businesses via a messaging app, with half of consumers wanting to do so via SMS text messaging. It’s easy to understand; cell phones are ubiquitous, and many people are more comfortable communicating through text instead of via a call. There are a variety of tools available for business owners to incorporate text-based communication into a business plan.


Instagram has quickly become one of the most common social media sites, with more than 700 million users. The use of specific hashtags can help interested customers find exactly what they’re looking for among the countless images posted daily. Instagram recently incorporated business profiles to help companies promote their posts, reach more potential clients, and engage their existing customers with beautifully designed posts and interactivity. Getting into social media for business purposes requires a level of skill and experience many don’t have at the moment. Outsourcing your social media to trained experts will greatly improve your social media efforts.


When a customer gives a company his or her email address to join a mailing list, he or she is already committing to the company and expressing his or her interest in what the company has to offer. Smart companies will use this to their advantage. Nearly three-quarters of companies report that email gives them an excellent to good return on investment. The design of these emails is important, however. Rich text emails that include interactive features or emoji in the subject line are more likely to be opened and read by companies. Messages that are personalized also have higher click-through rates.

Video Content

YouTube has quickly become the second biggest search engine in the world. No matter the topic, customers often turn to YouTube to find interesting, informative content to answer their questions or entertain. Producing high-quality content, posting regularly, and responding to comments can all help to promote your brand and build a dedicated group of viewers. Advertising revenue can also be used to slightly offset any start-up costs from starting a new channel and producing content.

Incorporating one or more of these customer communication methods is sure to help bolster your business, improve customer retention, and build a positive company brand. Successful companies always consider communication as part of their overarching plans, and it’s clear to see the immense impact this has.


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