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3 Keys for Success in Direct Mail Marketing

The mere mention of direct mail marketing to most of the younger generation of entrepreneurs sometimes results in confusion. However, time and time again, direct mail marketing has proven that it does, in fact, yield positive results. However, simply mailing out as many flyers as you possibly can is not exactly the best strategy to take. The following are three keys to launching a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

The 40/40/20 Rule

The 40/40/20 rule is one of the most followed unwritten rules of business. Basically, the 40/40/20 rule states that 40 percent of the success of your marketing campaign will be attributed to 40 percent of your offer and 20 percent of your creativity. Guess where most people tend to focus their entire time? That’s right—creativity. Most business owners believe that the flashier something is, the better. This cannot be further from the truth as customers are more likely to do business with you because they like your offer. How do you know what kind of offers your customer base might like? A simple strategy is to look at what your customers and your business have in common. This will allow you to create a well-crafted and effective offer.

Address Verification

What exactly is address verification? Address verification ensures the sender that the address he or she has on file is a legitimate one. This allows a business to have peace of mind that its direct mail is going to a real physical address and is not wasting precious marketing funds. About 5 percent of mail is undeliverable, resulting in increased costs and a decline in the customer experience. Addresses are verified and trusted as this information is located within a USPS database.

Trackable Data

One of the most overlooked aspects of direct mail marketing is the ability to set up a procedure to track how successful or unsuccessful your campaign is. You’re probably asking yourself, how can I track a piece of paper? One of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding a QR code that provides data about which group of customers are responding to your offer. Other methods include installing a trackable URL code on your website and/or adding unique coupons that allow you to know the exact campaign they came from. 

A well-crafted direct mail marketing campaign can provide you with the necessary exposure to increase sales. However, laying out all the required components of a successful marketing strategy should be your primary priority moving forward.

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