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How to Give Your Brand a Clean Slate

As a business, your brand is what drives the perceptions of your customers and the goals of your company. Sometimes the desired perception and direction of the company changes. As your company develops you may need a brand refresh. Give your brand a clean slate by changing your name, resetting your online presence, and raising the proper funding.


Change Your Name 

While the brand of your business is much more than the name, your name is what customers associate with your brand. If you need a rebrand, that doesn’t mean you have to rename. However, changing your name can help better conform your company values and customer perceptions to what you want to be perceived as. If your company has experienced a merger, bad press, or dramatically changed its products and target market, consider changing your name to better fit your company’s current values and target audience.




Reset Your Online Presence

Your online presence is your most public view to the rest of the world. When giving your brand a clean slate, it is imperative you examine and change your online presence accordingly. Social media profiles should be changed to reflect the new brand and goals of the company. Your website should also reflect your changes. Sometimes that means a hard nuclear reset of your website with all new content and branding. There’s no going back after a Nuclear Reset on your WordPress site. Work with your marketing team to determine the best way to reset your online presence.




Set the Proper Budget 

A rebrand or clean slate for your company takes time, resources, andof coursemoney. To completely wipe your slate clean, it is critical you invest the right amount of money into your new brand. For example, brands that involve a name change have a high level of urgency because converting all the brand assets with the name change and publications needs a big financial budget right up front. The extent of what you change needs the right funding to make an immediate impact in terms of marketing and supply demands. Set aside more than you think you need as a budget to ensure your brand’s effort is successful.




A clean slate gives you the opportunity to create better experiences internally and externally for your business. It also requires extensive communication and a total commitment to the new mission. Make sure you’ve completed these steps to truly start over with your branding!


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